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Belinda Fleischmann

Belinda Fleischmann is the Founder of ZYNYA Consulting, which focuses on building strategic alliances between the commercial, the philanthropic and the NGO communities. Based in Zurich, but operating globally, Belinda successfully connects CEOs, heads of organisations and philanthropists with viable ideas and solutions. She specializes in the fields of water, health, education and clean energy.

In the past, Belinda has worked on four continents. Her experience ranges from setting up a children's shelter in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the Aziza Foundation (2007-8), conducting research for the report "Water for Growth and Development in Africa" published by the World Water Council (2008), designing donor travel for philanthropists with Elevate Destinations (2009), and launching the online publication The Global Urabanist (2009-11).

Apart from her extensive experience in international development, Belinda has joined the Board of the Dr. Carlo Fleischmann Foundation, which is committed to the preservation and education of photography as an art form. She is also a co-founder of Green Buzz, a network of over 800 Zurich professionals intent on advancing the sustainability agenda.

Belinda Fleischmann holds a BA in Government from Smith College and an MSc in Urbanization & Development from the London School of Economics & Political Science.


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