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Chris Drake

Chris Drake is a Founding Trustee of The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust; he has lived and worked in Asia for over twenty years and currently works in Hong Kong as a lawyer. He has been active with a number of charity or non-profit organisations for many years, mostly in relation to education and values. He was the founding President of the Association for Living Values Education International and, amongst positions with other organisations, is currently Treasurer of the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education, a Council Member of the Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership and Deputy-Chairman of the Association for International Business Ethics which organises and supports conferences on business ethics in China.

A graduate of Oxford University, where he read Jurisprudence, he is also a member of the Advisory Group of Oxford University‚Äôs China Office and a Mentor with Hong Kong University. He regularly runs workshops on Living Values Education which aim to support teachers and other educationists in bringing a values-based perspective to education and classrooms and has spoken on related topics at numerous conferences. He is also a Founding Trustee of the Values Education Trust in the UK and an Advisory Board member of Global Harmony Foundation in Switzerland.  » 


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